- Viscose -

Viscose rugs have a bright, fresh appearance thanks to the fiber's absorption of color and shine. In fact, viscose yarns can be easily colored, with maximum color penetration, which is why CutCut rugs are distinguished by decorative designs and vibrant colors.

Very comfortable and ideal for walking barefoot, the viscose rug is softer and more natural than synthetic fibers, cotton and even wool.

Viscose is still a good insulator, nice and warm in winter, cool in summer. It has no static charge, which makes viscose composite rugs safe.

Finally, viscose is a non-allergenic natural fiber in which no harmful chemicals are used. Unlike synthetic fibers, viscose fiber is a non-melt fiber , this means it has a reasonably low flammability.

- Maintenance Instructions -

It is recommended to vacuum a viscose rug immediately after it has been laid, so that the pile rises again after unrolling it.

We also recommend vacuuming your carpet regularly to keep it clean and in good condition. Using a rotating brush can damage the yarn twist.

We warn you about the following : viscose may shed hair at first: these hairs are shorter fibers that separate from the carpet during the first few uses. They disappear after a short period of time unless a rotating brush or a stiff brush is used for vacuuming. In these cases, the viscose rug may shed even more fur.

Finally, viscose is very sensitive to moisture . It is therefore advisable not to place carpets with this composition in the bathroom, and avoid kitchens and entrances to the house as well, as the risk of stepping on the carpet with wet or dirty shoes is greater. Preferably place your viscose rug in a well-ventilated comfort zone (living room, bedroom...).

Did you spill something?

If there is a stain, it is important to remove it as quickly as possible, without rubbing the stain. When rubbing, the wire structure can be damaged. To clean the stain, use a cold, damp cotton towel. Avoid using excess water, and never use soap. If the stain remains, it is best to call a professional cleaner.